Susannne Lukács Ringel


 In my work I try to express my long experience with pottery made of porcelain and stonewareclay.

I make woodfired and saltglazed functional work, thrown on the wheel or in combination with slabwork.

After throwing I decorate in the leatherhard clay with scraffito technics or stamps.

My special love is to make teapots in all sices. But also teabowls and chawan as well as jugs, cups, boxes and bowls . Sometimes I like to create groups or families of pots. For example a slabbuild base with a beakers on it or something else.

My inspiration comes from the nature around my studio , based in the "Schwäbische Alb". But I find also ideas in ceramics from Japan, China and Korea for which I have a fascination.  However , I also look at historical and contamporary ceramics.

My courses are practical and I try to divide my time between every student to help them individualy with the little details of the making process. I will give some demonstrations and guide the students through all the phases to get nice woodfired, saltglazed pots. We will be working with Royal porcelain,  Andrew Blackman and the very best stonewareclay from Frank.

I look forward to give this course at La Plaine, a special place I love going to. Frank, Elly, the kids and the team around them are fabulous people!


The language of instruction in this course is English and German.


Let's do it !