Terry Davies


The workshop will be given bij Terry Davies  an English studio stoneware potter working in Tuscany and trying to find a gentle balance between the functional, the abstract and the classical form.


The workshop will concentrate on the wheel thrown form, However, we can also look at slab work.   

Experimenting with alternative methods of working on a thrown cylinder .


Using several techniques, some traditional, some of my own making, from clay surface heating, and cutting, to colouring wet clay, adding dry clay on a wet surface.  You will see many possibilities for your own creativity  and mastering the art of moving clay, simply, and efficiently, just allowing a natural flow.


Loosen your hands and mind, and your pots will flow with a natural beauty


We will also study the art of tea ware, and make These abstract surface forms, into tea bowls, tea pots.

My project to close the week, will be a kiln.



                                    Notice that for this workshop you need to be able to throw a cylinder on the wheel.