Spring in La Borne

We have a spacious, nicely heated and well-equipped workshop at our disposal.


As usual, there is a turntable for every participant. It is a course with the accent on turning, but of course you can also model.


For those who do not know La Borne:


It is an old pottery village with a long ceramics history and is situated in the middle of France, in the Berry. For a few hundred years, it produced utensils that were fired in huge wood-fired kilns, traditional French grates. After the First World War, this production slowly came to an end when the use of aluminium and glass, and later plastics, took over. Today, about sixty ceramists have their studios in or near La Borne, and everything revolves around ceramics and kilns.


It is the most inspiring environment to work with clay for a week that one could imagine.  Some of my colleagues are happy to offer us the chance to come in through the back door and to give us more than the usual tip of the iceberg.


Of course, we work with La Borne clay, which we get from the local manufacturer, so that we can see how the clay is prepared.


At the end of the week, the pieces that are dry can be baked.


You can stay overnight in your own caravan or mobile home which can be parked next to the workshop, or in a holiday home in the neighborhood or, of course, come up with something else. The course day runs from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00 with a simple lunch in the afternoon and a communal meal in the holiday home in the evening.