The course starts with a dinner. The richly filled dishes, the wine and the relaxed atmosphere will soon loosen the tongues.

The next day, you start in the studio.



You are welcome from 6pm. You can then unpack your suitcase and/or pitch your tent and at 8pm, after an aperitif (fancy a Kir?), the introductory dinner starts.


The workshop days:

After a breakfast with fresh baguettes and jam, the workshop starts at 9 am. Around 1 pm it is time for a (two course) warm lunch. In between we will serve some refreshments as coffee, tea and water accompanied by a biscuit of course.


From 3pm onwards we will continue in the workshop. Of course, if you want to relax an afternoon that is no problem at all! 

At 7 pm it is time for the Apéro and at 8pm we will serve a three-course dinner with some local wine. 


Closure of the week:

The course ends around 11am on the last day.